Why I love being married!

So, as most of my readers know, 3 weeks ago tomorrow I married my best friend, Caitlin, and life has been wonderful since! So, I thought that I would share with everything the reasons why I love being married (in list form).

6) No more annoying roommates. Throughout college I have had some of the MOST annoying roommates. EVER. From tabacco addicts, to others trying to force me out of my own apartment. Quite the variety. I also had some great roommate too, but there is something just so great about not having to label your food, fight about who drank whos milk, etc.

5) Sharing everything. Missing your deodorant? no problem! Cait recently ran out of deodorant and came out of the bathroom smelling strangly more like me than normal. I mean, I know that living in close proximaties to another person can sometimes make you smell similar, but this was just too much. Which lead me to discover the truth. Cait has since purchased her own deodorant and we are back to smelling like ourselves. Life is good.

4) You always have someone to talk to. What's better than always having your best friend by your side 24/7? I submit that there is nothing. Whenever you need someone to sort out your stresses, the other person is always there.

3) Free government money. Having never before been eligiable to receive financial aid, this semester has been wonderful having that little bit of extra cash. Thank you Obama.

2) Inside jokes. I swear, this is possibly the best part. Well, second best. Cait and I laugh about the most random things and then from then on find anything relating to it absolutely side splitting.

1) Being with that person FOREVER! How awesome is it that we're tied together for the rest of our lives. Awesome. Through thick and thin we're on the journey of life together. I just can't wait til we buy our first home, car, have kids. All of it. I'm so excited and lucky to have found my perfect match.


10 Guilty Pleasures

So, I thought I would take this opportunity to divulge my ten most guilty pleasures. After having pondered this list, I decided that it may look like the list of a 12 year old girl but anyway, here it is.

10) Britney Spears
While some may have gotten off the Britney train, I can proudly say that I have stood by Britney through thick and thin. Sure she had that crazy mental breakdown, but who wouldn't after having paparazzi following your every move for the past 10 years? Brit, I stand by you 110% which is why you make my list of top ten guilty pleasures!

9) Chick Flicks
Can anyone HONESTLY say no to a good chick flick? I mean, seriously? I submit that they cannot. Who doesn't (besides my wife) love 'A Walk to Remember'? or 'Bridget Jones' Diary'? or 'Notting Hill'? You can't. End of story. Move on. These is nothing better than watching Hollywood's version of a love story come to life. Can't get enough.

8) Cait's Cosmos
Okay, so growing up with 3 older sisters I'm no beginner when it comes to women and their sources of reading. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that most of the books in my home growing up were geared toward girls? But regardless I love reading bits and pieces of the so called "female sex bible". Don't judge.

7) Texting
Okay, being in the generation that I am it's no surprise that I can't get enough of texting. Even though I have calmed down a bit in my outrageous texting habits since high school, I still would rather engage in a casual texting conversation than a casual phone encounter.

6) Twitter
While I was a bit late in jumping on the 'tweet' bandwagon, I have been converted. I cannot LIVE without sending occasional random tweets via my phone throughout my day. Some favorites include: "Sick... this girl just told me to put sour cream and cheddar cheese on apple pie... i'd rather die." "Just got told i look like scarlette johansen at #pitapit provo. ha ha ha ha. love it." or lastly, "Home depot tattoo of the day. 'mistress of pain'". I really like that instant knowledge that my friends and family can all be updated instantly about the random things that happen throughout my day.

5) Shoes
While you might not be able to tell from the shoes I wear on the daily, Cait can confirm that my shoe collection has got out of hand. She keeps threatening to take random shoes to the DI unless I get rid of them on my own. Which, I admit, I probably do need to downsize... I mean, how many pairs of shoes does a guy need right?

4) Jeans
I love jeans. My reason for justifying my jean purchases is that my size is so hard to come by. So when I find a pair of jeans that fit, I buy them. Well those days are over, thanks to Caitlin. Who refuses to let my own more than 3 pairs of jeans, which I am currently at. Hopefully one of the pairs will wear out soon so I can invest in another pair! I hope I find ones that fit!

3) AwkwardFamilyPhotos.com
This is a newly found guilty pleasure of mine thanks to my friend and co-worker, Chelsea Newman. *shout out* If you have not checked out this website yet I highly suggest it. It's definitely worth a few good laughs and a few minutes of entertainment.

2) Lists
This is something that has come since moving out on my own. I love lists. I write lists of tasks I need to complete at work, school, personal. Cait even calls me a "list blogger", whatever that means. :) They help me stay on track and keep me the most productive.

1) Harry Potter
My number one guilty pleasure is 100% Harry Potter. For the past 13 years I have been hooked to both the books and the movies. I cannot get enough. I have read the books so many times that they are falling to pieces. I've even had to replace some of them they were so worn. This cultural phenomenon has been such a huge part of my life that I cannot believe it is almost over. With the last movie coming out this year (and next, thankfully it's in two parts!) I shall soon have to find something else to replace my number 1 guilty pleasure.


Would you like chips and a drink with that?

Okay, so as many of you know, I'm working two jobs this summer in order for Cait and I to save some money. I really do enjoy my jobs, but sometimes things happen that are just so rediculous and crazy that even I can't believe it. So, here's a little looky-look into my daily life.

1) Customers that pay completely in change.....
Really? Is this necessary? I mean, I know it can be annoying sometimes to lug all that change around in your purse, but haven't you ever heard of Coinstar? or the bank? Both of these options allow you to conveniently exchange you change for much more acceptable forms of payment. So please, next time you come through my line, lets put the silver and copper away and stick with the green, plastic, and check please.

2) Cranky old people.....
Okay, I get it. You've lived a long life and don't like waiting in lines. And maybe you're a little bit hard of hearing. I get it. And I have nothing but respect for you. But sometimes it would be nic
e if you weren't completely condescending toward me. I do know a bit about what I do. And I am aware of products that we sell and what they are called.
Also, while I understand that you may need help out of the store as well as in the store, please allow me to get that necessary help for you before you freak out at me for not giving you adequate service. I really am trying to make your experience all the better.

3) Awesome Tattoos...
Working in a place full of construction workers, I really get to see quite the variety of tattoos. However, this one takes to cake. *photo courtesy of Madison Hansen* I guess the purpose of a tattoo is to get something that really means a lot to you an
d that you will never get sick of... but a soda brand? Really? How did a bottle of soda change your life, or make you a better person, or even effect you in any way besides quenching your thirst one hot July afternoon? I submit that it did not. I think that maybe you should have thought this one through just a bit more before decided to become walking advertising.

4) Indecisive Customers....
Last night is a perfect example of this. I was working at my food job and a man LAST MINUTE after I had already prepared all of his food decided that he would rather have chicken and bacon than turkey, bacon, avocado. SO, he then made me remake his entire order and politely mentioned that I just throw away the other meat and that he was being gracious enough to allow me to keep the 50cents difference in the two different menu items... Thank you sir. You're indecisiveness really was the icing on the cake to a very long day of work.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on customers that I interact with daily and my feelings toward them. Have any other similar encounters? Let me know!


-the first entry-

hello bloggers!
well, since my fiancée started a blog, i felt like it was time for me to start one as well... i can't have her beating me at everything!
i proposed to cait on january 29, 2010 in las vegas, nevada (almost 2 months!!!). we're getting married july 2, 2010 in longview, washington, her hometown and coincidently where i lived until i was 8 years old. small world.
cait and i currently attend byu in provo, utah. she is studying journalism and i am studying public relations (if all goes to plan). anyway, this is a small intro into our lives. i'm sure more will come soon!