Would you like chips and a drink with that?

Okay, so as many of you know, I'm working two jobs this summer in order for Cait and I to save some money. I really do enjoy my jobs, but sometimes things happen that are just so rediculous and crazy that even I can't believe it. So, here's a little looky-look into my daily life.

1) Customers that pay completely in change.....
Really? Is this necessary? I mean, I know it can be annoying sometimes to lug all that change around in your purse, but haven't you ever heard of Coinstar? or the bank? Both of these options allow you to conveniently exchange you change for much more acceptable forms of payment. So please, next time you come through my line, lets put the silver and copper away and stick with the green, plastic, and check please.

2) Cranky old people.....
Okay, I get it. You've lived a long life and don't like waiting in lines. And maybe you're a little bit hard of hearing. I get it. And I have nothing but respect for you. But sometimes it would be nic
e if you weren't completely condescending toward me. I do know a bit about what I do. And I am aware of products that we sell and what they are called.
Also, while I understand that you may need help out of the store as well as in the store, please allow me to get that necessary help for you before you freak out at me for not giving you adequate service. I really am trying to make your experience all the better.

3) Awesome Tattoos...
Working in a place full of construction workers, I really get to see quite the variety of tattoos. However, this one takes to cake. *photo courtesy of Madison Hansen* I guess the purpose of a tattoo is to get something that really means a lot to you an
d that you will never get sick of... but a soda brand? Really? How did a bottle of soda change your life, or make you a better person, or even effect you in any way besides quenching your thirst one hot July afternoon? I submit that it did not. I think that maybe you should have thought this one through just a bit more before decided to become walking advertising.

4) Indecisive Customers....
Last night is a perfect example of this. I was working at my food job and a man LAST MINUTE after I had already prepared all of his food decided that he would rather have chicken and bacon than turkey, bacon, avocado. SO, he then made me remake his entire order and politely mentioned that I just throw away the other meat and that he was being gracious enough to allow me to keep the 50cents difference in the two different menu items... Thank you sir. You're indecisiveness really was the icing on the cake to a very long day of work.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on customers that I interact with daily and my feelings toward them. Have any other similar encounters? Let me know!