The District and New York City!

NOTE: This blog post may seem like word vomit. It is. I'm typing fast because I'm car sick and want to get out as much as possible as fast as possible.
While I'm sitting on this bus in Delaware on my way back from New York I thought I would take the time to blog since it has been so long! For those of you who don't know, Cait and I are living in DC doing internships. We are both loving it out here and love our jobs. I'm working at Morality in Media which advocates for the enforcement of obscenity law and am learning so much! Not only about obscenity law but also a ton about PR, advocacy, research, etc. It has been an awesome experience.
We love DC and all it has to offer. It is so clean and pretty. But it is also extremely humid which takes some getting used to but we are adjusting pretty well. It is just so cool to be around all this American history and live in the heart of the most influential government on Earth. I love it.
While we have been here we have really enjoyed running around the city, particularly around the Mall. It is just so pretty and the monuments have been really fun to explore.
Also, I'm sure you are all aware that DC is famous for capcakes.... They aren't lying! Every corner has a different cupcake place to enjoy. Hopefully this will help me gain some weight so I can actually buy pants that fit in the store instead of always having to buy pants online. That would make life so much easier. And enjoyable, since I will be eating tons of cupcakes. :)
For my internship this past week, I got the opportunity to do some work out of our New York office. Now, if you know me at all you know I LOVE New York and everything it has to offer. This trip did not disappoint. After my first day at the New York office, I called up my cousin, Steph, who lives in New York and met up with her at her place. It was so fun to be able to see her and catch up. She is by far one of my coolest cousins I have and so much fun. She even offered to let Cait and I come back up some weekend and stay with her (with one stipulation, you remember what that is, Steph! LOL).
The next day, I went over to Time Square to see if I could score some Broadway show tickets. My boss and the other intern really wanted to see a play so they asked me to go stand in line while they worked at the office. Well, I thought this would be such a fun excursion. Getting out and seeing the city. Well, at first it was. Until the rain came....
Now, I had been standing in line in Time Square for probably an hour and a half when the clouds started to roll in. I knew it would mean rain but there was no way I was going to leave the line now that I was half way through it. Well, the rain came and then it poured and there I was with no umbrella. Awesome. But then this really nice old lady in front of my who didn't speak any English motioned for me to huddle under her rather small umbrella for at least a little added protection. Because the umbrella was so small, the lady was hugging me SO TIGHT to stay as much under the umbrella as possible. SO FUNNY. Where else but New York will a complete stranger come up to you, offer their umbrella and huddle underneath it for probably an hour while waiting for Broadway tickets? Anyway, I am very grateful for this old lady for helping me out in a time of great need.
We got tickets to How to Succeed in Business Without Trying. I LOVED IT! It was so funny! I definitely recommend it AND you get to see Daniel Radcliffe (AKA Harry Potter!) I will definitely be downloading the soundtrack because I loved it that much. If you are ever in New York, I recommend it.
Anyway, moral of the story is I love my internship and I am loving being on the East Coast. While I've been out here I've explored DC, Philadelphia, and NYC. All within a very short (relatively speaking) bus ride.
PS. I started this post in Delaware and am ending it in Maryland... These states are just so small out here. In four hours I've traveled through NY, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and soon DC. Outrageous.


Hello Again!

Whoa, how long has it been since my last post!? I have so much to write about but not enough time in the day! Here's a quick recap of the past few months:
Cait and I are still down in Utah at BYU. We graduate in April of 2012 so we have a bit more schooling left to do but we are definitely in the home stretch.
Cait has been busy working as an editor for The Daily Universe as well as going to school full time. She absolutely loves print journalism and is currently trying to be published in as many publications are she possibly can. Recently she was published in Healthy Utah Magazine (flip to pages 28-29) as well as the many articles in The Daily Universe.
I still work at Home Depot part time as a cashier as well as attend school. For those who don't know, I am studying public relations which is in the same college as print journalism. It works out nicely that Cait and I are often in very similar classes and sometimes we even take the same classes so it has been fun. I am also writing for The Daily Universe this semester as a requirement for graduation. I cover mostly the College of Life Sciences at BYU but since not much tends to go on there I pick up stories as they come. I had to opportunity to cover Condoleezza Rice's forum address as well as many other cool events that have occurred on BYU campus.
This upcoming Fall semester, Cait and I will be leaving Provo and pursuing internships in Washington DC. We recently were excepted into the Washington Seminar program at BYU which allows students to live in BYU housing in the center of the city. So are so excited we can hardly wait! We've both been applying for internships at every opportunity and are looking forward to see where we will be working.
Not sure if there is anything else left to say! I think this scatter-brained post about wraps up the last few months!